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Apple still at work on true video iPod?

Apple still at work on true video iPod?
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|February 9, 2006 10:02 AM
It's essentially what everyone's expected and speculated by this point (us included), but ThinkSecret's latest iPod rumor plays into everyone's hopes that Apple's got a proper video iPod in development. According to TS, they can confirm that Apple's next device will have a 3.5-inch display (the current 5G iPod has a 2.5-incher) and will shed the clickwheel entirely for a virtual UI with input via a touchscreen. We know they've got their Mac tablet patents together on this kind of tech and have presumably been doing the dev work to make it happen (their last patent specifically showed an iPod-like virtual clickwheel touch interface in spec). Will this strange new device support Portal Player's new all singing all dancing WiFi / Bluetooth A2DP chipset for the killer 6G video iPod everyone's been hoping for? We can't say, sonny, but the rumor mill's tilt is that we could find out in late March or early April, when Apple celebrates its 30th birthday.
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