Apple's patented the Tablet Mac

Ryan Block
R. Block|05.11.05

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Ryan Block
May 11th, 2005
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Apple's patented the Tablet Mac image
Apple's patented the Tablet Mac image

Apple tablet patent images

Looks like US Design Patent No. D504,899 is one for the Apple history books-it's been rumored freaking forever, we last heard about this last August, but it became substantiated today when Apple's secret plans for a tablet PC were not-so-ruefully revealed. We're not sure how Microsoft is going to feel about this, but perhaps the heated competition will spur sales of PC tablet devices from their current, sluggish pace. At least one thing's for sure: once this device comes out, tablet devices are officially in. And yeah, if you live in the greater bay area, that loud noise you're hearing right now is the sound of Steve Jobs chopping people's heads off.

[Via slashdot]

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Apple tablet patent images back
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