"iTunes movie service" in the offing? We think not.

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Thomas Ricker
March 2nd, 2006
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"iTunes movie service" in the offing? We think not.

AppleInsider has the goods on a survey distributed this week by market research firm Coyote Insight, which digs for input related to a potential “iTunes movie service.” The fictional video download service described early in the survey would provide access to “1,000 movies on-demand” which can either be downloaded to your computer and then to your “video iPod” or played-back to your TeeVee if connected to your computer. The survey explains that this service would require a broadband connection and allow subscribers ($10/mth just like Vongo) to download films through iTunes and view ‘em as often as they like. And yeah, those commercial-free films would begin playing while download continues in the background. Otherwise, films can be purchased for about $13 each – but without the ability to burn to DVD. Of course, anyone could have commissioned the survey, and we think it's pretty likely that this was put together by some outfit that is just using the iTunes name in its research because it clicks with consumers. Regardless, the service described in the survey never mentions the potential resolution of the films for download. Hey Coyote, listen up. If your survey is real, we ain’t gonna drop $13 green for a 320x240 flick (current resolution of iTunes videos)  for playback on our hi-def rig, dig? After all, this is the “year of HD” right? Oh wait, that was last year.
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