Starz launches Vongo, new subscription-based movie download service

Well, it looks like Starz is going to be one of the first out of the gate with a movie download service for portable devices using Microsoft's subscription technology, this week at CES they're launching a new service called "Vongo" (yeah, it's a terrible name). No support for the new iPod -- Apple saves that love for itself -- but for ten bucks a month you'll be able to download as many movies as you'd like to up to three PCs or portable devices that run Microsoft's Portable Media Center OS (apparently no support for Windows Mobile devices, either). Movies will be available for download about the same time they're aired on Starz itself, and they eventually plan to offer a catalog of over a thousand films and other programs. They also mention that Vongo will be a "key feature" of Sony's new Sony Connect video service that is coming later this year, which has us thinking that there might be some PSP action involved here.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this one in]