Engadget Podcast 072 - 03.07.06

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We've been a little while since our last podcast, but we're back, and just in time, too. After last week's Apple non-announcements, we got some blockbuster business news: RIM and NTP finally settled? AT&T buying BellSouth (and thus the controlling stake of Cingular) for 67 billion dollars? Microsoft learns how to launch a buzz campaign with Origami? And if that wasn't enough Engadget turned two years old last Thursday. It's been loads of fun, but we're only getting started. Also, be sure to phone, Gizmo, or email in your usual questions and comments -- and especially your tech support horror stories for our support nightmare podcast later this week. Thanks for the last couple of years, here's to a couple more!

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Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Randall Bennett

J J J - 'Suits' in Japan

1:26:10, 39.7 MB, MP3

01:48 - Engadget turns two!
06:16 - Steve Jobs Keynote
11:47 - Intel Mac Mini
12:14 - iPod Hi-Fi
15:28 - Microsoft's Oragami
27:26 - AT&T buys BellSouth, Ma Bell is back
35:11 - RIM & NTP settle for $612 million
40:59 - Former Gizmondo executive's wrecked Ferrari
47:34 - ROKR E3 exclusive
52:18 - Listener Voicemail
84:43 - SXSW, and the week ahead


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