More twists and turns in Gizmondo exec's Ferrari crash

Ryan Block
R. Block|03.02.06

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Ryan Block
March 2, 2006 7:00 AM
Remember the former Gizmondo exec, Stefan Eriksson, who crashed his million dollar Ferrari Enzo last week? Well, leave it Eriksson to make even that really shady. According to Malibu sheriffs, not only did a supposedly-intoxicated and bloodied Eriksson flee the scene and reportedly blame the accident on a driver only known as "Dietrich" (despite the only blood being on the driver's side), but a magazine (and we don't think they're talkin' Guns & Ammo) was discovered near the scene of the crash. And now apparently a Scottish bank has claimed it may be the rightful owner of the million dollar Ferrari, of which Eriksson supposedly possessed two -- as well as a Mercedes SLR, which Scotland Yard in London supposedly listed as having been stolen, and that happened to be the same kind of car the Enzo was supposedly racing when it crashed. While we're incredibly perplexed as to what's gone down, why are we not the least bit surprised by the way it's unfolding? And why is our Uppsala Swedish Mafia-meter flicking off the charts right now?

[Thanks, Dave M]
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