Former Gizmondo exec's crashed $1m Ferrari Enzo

We're already on the phone with our friends at Merriam Webster to get the definition of poetic justice revised: Stefan Eriksson -- the former Gizmondo executive who stepped down amidst allegations of his involvement in the Uppsala Mafia Swedish organized crime ring, and who perhaps most embodied the internal corruption of Tiger Telematics -- no longer has his 2003 Ferrari Enzo, of which 399 were made, and each cost a million dollars. You see, apparently while racing a Mercedes SLR the car careened off an embankment and hit a pole at about 125MPH, which literally split the thing in two right down the center (don't worry, he lived to see this post). Without giggling too much longer at the unbelievable irony of this incident, it's worth noting that some more deets have surfaced about just how how much money Gizmondo hemorrhaged last year before filing for bankruptcy: between January and September of 2005 Tiger Telematics lost £140m (about $244 million), up another 33m from the $210 in the hole they were when we reported on their operating losses last year. So without getting too schadenfreude up in this piece, let's just say this post goes out to all the disenfranchised Gizmondo owners and former employees of Tiger Telematics, and we'll leave it at that.

[Thanks, Ryan, via Pocket-Lint]