Massive Magazine planned for MMOG coverage this fall

Dan Choi
D. Choi|03.17.06

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Massive Magazine banner image
Massive Magazine banner image
Massive Magazine banner image
The folks behind Computer Games Magazine have just announced that they'll be starting up a new publication this fall dedicated completely to the purview of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games.

Massive Magazine is touted as the first print mag of its kind, packaged together with "a free DVD packed with MMO demos and games" when it launches for "a three-month run on September 19, 2006" and then begins as "a stand-alone quarterly publication by January 2007."

We can only assume that guys 'n' gals will provide extensive coverage of other MMO genres besides the typical RPG grinds, such as FPS (Huxley), driving (Auto Assault), and puzzle (Puzzle Pirates) themed games. A digital version via is also planned.

[Thanks, JamesO and Jonathan]

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