Belkin's N1 pre-N WiFi line

Not afraid of the big bad (somewhat uncertain) upgrade path? More 802.11n-draft wireless networking gear, coming through today, this time from Belkin. Say hello to their N1 line of gear based on Atheros XSPAN chipsets, which come in the form of a $99.99 PC card (sorry, no ExpressCard yet), $119.99 PCI card with antennae (F5D8001), USB adapter (F5D8051) later this year, and pleasantly affordable $149.99 router (F5D8231-4). Of course, we're making no claims whatsoever that you should run out and grab these if it's 300Mbps wireless you're after; but if you're ready to take the plunge these could be as good as any, and seem to stand an equal chance of actually being compliant with 802.11n when it's approved by the IEEE some time in 2015.