Netgear intros RangeMax Next "draft spec" 802.11n products

We're not sure how this is much different than all those pre-n routers that have been floating around for a while, since a device that holds to the draft specifications of 802.11n still has quite a slim chance to actually work with official 802.11n devices. But that's not stopping Netgear from releasing a new line of RangeMax Next wireless products, which tout 300Mbps speeds and HD video streaming power. The WNR854T router supports gigabit Ethernet, while both the router and WN511T use MIMO (multi-in, multi-out) to reach those 802.11n speeds. It seems we've waited so long for 802.11n products that it has lost a lot of its appeal, but we're sure Netgear will find a way to keep busy.