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Apple initiating a "silent" recall of batteries?

Apple initiating a "silent" recall of batteries?
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|May 3, 2006 9:26 PM
So PCSIntel is reporting that Apple's effecting a "silent" recall and replacement of first and second week MacBook Pro batteries (which start with the serial numbers W8607 and W8608) due to such symptoms as failure, power cutoffs, mis-reporting of remaining power, and unresponsiveness to status polling. You know, the usual for a 1.0 product. We didn't hear either way from Apple PR (yet -- we'll let you know if we do), but a quick call to Apple support -- which according to PCSIntel should have yielded a quick blanket-return of any part with a serial that started as stated above -- yielded no recommendation for return. In fact the support rep we spoke with researched it and told us he had no documentation or instructions to initiate any such blanket return on MBP batteries -- which we're told is why it's a "silent" recall. So that doesn't necessarily mean the batteries from the first and second weeks aren't (often) defective, or that Apple isn't necessarily silently recalling them, but, well, it kind of goes without saying that if your new system is having problems you'll be giving them a call no matter what you read here or anywhere else.

[Via The Apple Core]

Update: Apple's Director of Product PR called to let us know that there's no such recall of MBP batteries they're aware of -- so take that how you will. We'll take that as "there's no such recall of MBP batteries they're aware of."