Apple quietly fixing MacBookPro bugs

We don't expect to hear anything official about this from Apple, but according to DailyTech, the company has quietly begun repairing some of the more annoying bugs reported by MacBookPro owners, and has also been replacing the computers of customers who complain loudly enough. According to DailyTech, Apple's "revision D" models, which have serial numbers starting with W8611 or 12, no longer have certain issues, including becoming unbearably hot and LCD problems. The company also told DailyTech that anyone whose MacBook becomes too hot to handle should bring it in to be replaced. While we're not suggesting that every MacBookPro user immediately storm the nearest Apple store, if your serial number starts with W8610 or lower, you may want to be sure everything works okay -- especially if you actually want to put the thing on your lap without getting burned.