Whining MacBook Pro? You're not alone

We’ve been hearing the er, noise about whining MacBook Pros for awhile. Now however, the problem seems to be widespread enough to warrant our, and possibly Apple’s, attention. As sister site TUAW points out, the high-pitched hissing/whining/squealing seems to be associated with an idle processor and does not affect all new MacBook Pros. However it affects enough to have sparked feverish discussion in your choice of Apple-related forums. And as these things go, several “fixes” have been suggested including keeping the Photobooth app running in the background to keep the processors busy, installing/uninstalling certain widgets, and disabling the second core processor altogether. Of course, many are simply holding out hope that a future firmware drops to sort it out all lickety-split quick. But that would require Apple to first own-up to an issue, which they have yet to do (publicly) thus far.