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Logitech launches steering wheels and G-series inputs

Logitech launches steering wheels and G-series inputs
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|May 10, 2006 12:04 PM
Logitech showed up at E3 with a steering wheel of their own, the G25 system. And let us say, this thing is probably nicer than the wheel on our own automobile -- well, when we still had it. Their $299.99 rig features a leather-wrapped 11-inch wheel with 900° rotation, paddle shifters, dual-motor force feedback, and a very nice external clicky six-speed shifter. This'll be ready to roll in early October, long before the July launches of the force-feedback equipped DriveFX Wheel (shown after the break) for the Xbox 360, which will go for $99, and more entry level G-series devices Logitech's rolling out, such as the G3 laser mouse and G11 keyboard (which is basically the G15 with no display).


The DriveFX Whee; Xbox 360 racing controller and pedals; not quite the G35, but it'll have to do.
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