Niveus Media Center Denali Edition getting CableCARD support

Evan Blass
E. Blass|05.25.06

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Niveus Media Center Denali Edition getting CableCARD support
Add another item to the list of lustworthy products that are contingent upon the eventual (we think) release of Windows Vista: the Niveus Media Center Denali Edition featuring...wait for it...built-in CableCARD support. It's not surprising that the manufacturer of such high-end HTPCs as the K2 would be chosen by Microsoft to debut the Windows-CableCARD integration, as Niveus' products have always sported cutting-edge features like 1TB hard drives, multiple analog and digital tuners, and whatever Intel's latest speed demon processor happens to be. Consumers who are willing to shell out the $6,000+ that this box will likely cost will become the proud owners of what HDBeat is calling "the ultimate HD machine," because along with receiving HD programming over cable, they'll also be able to watch high-def flicks thanks to the included HD-DVD drive. [Warning: .doc link]

[Via HDBeat]
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