Microsoft already planning "Vistagami" UMPCs

If you had as much fun as we did with Microsoft's Origami teaser campaign, then you'll probably be excited to learn that we may be in store for another one next year, as the software manufacturer is already working towards the next generation of Vista-powered UMPCs. It'll be a little harder to keep us guessing this time around, however, as once we start seeing ads for the "Vistagami" -- which is the project's awkward internal codename -- we'll have a pretty good idea that Microsoft and friends are trying to loose yet another mini-TabletPC on the world. Like so many other products we've covered, the new devices are scheduled to be released at the same unknown time as Vista, and by necessity, will sport either the Home Premium, Ultimate, or business versions of the oft-delayed OS. Oh, and if you were curious as to Microsoft's thoughts on the hefty cost of picking up a current-gen UMPC, the company's Mika Krammer openly admitted that Redmond was disappointed, saying that "we would have liked to have seen a lower price point." Hey, us too!