Sondigo's Sirocco Wireless Audio Bridge

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Sondigo's Sirocco Wireless Audio Bridge
If a Sonos is too pricey for your tastes but you still want to get a little wireless audio rocking your place, you may be interested in the Sirocco Wireless Audio Bridge, which'll let you stream music straight off your PC to your existing home audio system over a 802.11b/g network. The Sirocco is actually the first product from the newly created Sondigo brand, launched by Canadian company Layton Electronics and Networking Limited. According to Sondigo, the Sirocco is basically a wireless sound card for your PC, meaning it can play any format your PC can play, regardless of copy protection. The Sirocco unit itself can be connected to just about any device via an optical digital or analog connection, delivering full Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Price is $140 US per unit, and you can install multiple Sirocco bridges on the same network, although it only supports Windows PCs at the moment.

[Via Red Ferret]
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