Sony Ericsson announces GC86 EDGE PC Card

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Sony Ericsson announces GC86 EDGE PC Card
Sony Ericsson has took off the wraps off its quad-band GC86 EDGE PC Card, which will replace their tri-band GC85 card. The card promises up to 247kpbs when connected to GSM / EDGE networks, although the quad-band capabilities mean it'll be all the easier to fall back on GPRS and stay connected -- no matter how slowly -- no matter where you are. While Sony Ericsson describes the GC86 as an "entry-level solution," they don't provide an actual cost, and as far as a launch date goes, Q3 is as definitive as Sony Ericsson's willing to get for the time being. The card is also both Mac and Windows compatible, assuming you Apple users have a Mac with a PC Card slot, that is (you know who you are).

[Via I4U News]
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