Toppan reveals 5.5-inch active matrix OLED

Evan Blass
E. Blass|06.13.06

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Toppan reveals 5.5-inch active matrix OLED
Having already wowed us twice with its wall-sized e-newspaper and RFID shielding material, Japan's Toppan Printing Company has once again managed to impress with a large OLED display that could find its way into all of those portable devices that we love. At 5.5-inches and 400 x 234 pixels, the screen revealed at San Francisco's Society for Information Display 2006 is one of the larger models of its type, and what's more, sports active matrix technology to improve upon the passive matrix OLEDs of the past. Brighter, sharper displays realized through Toppan's manufacturing process will begin showing up on portable DVD players and the like sometime next year.

[Via Akihabara News]
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