360 needs more pirates

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360 needs more pirates
360 needs more pirates
No, not software pirates, silly! Seafaring pirates. Atari recently announced it will distribute Playlogic Entertainment's upcoming swashbuckler, Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales. Director of Marketing, Rick Mehler, describes Age of Pirates thusly:

"Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales provides a deep role playing experience that encourages development of captain, crew, ships, towns, fighting abilities, weapons and more. With a chest full of features, Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales is a treasure of a game."

PR lingo aside, Age of Pirates looks like it could be pretty good. Developed by Akella -- the people behind Sea Dogs, Age of Sail II, and Pirates of the Caribbean (often described as Elder Scrolls on water) -- the title looks like it's definitely in experienced hands.

The title is scheduled to be released for Windows this September, making it an easy candidate for a 360 port. Haha, port. Get it? Oh, never mind. Hit the read link to visit the Age of Pirates website and see a juicy trailer.

[Via Xbox Solution]
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