Sima Products "Hitch" USB transfer device reviewed

Darren Murph
D. Murph|07.22.06

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Sima Products "Hitch" USB transfer device reviewed

The intriguing Sima Products Hitch (USB-101) perked a lot of ears when it debuted at this year's CES, and this USB middleman has now been tested by iLounge, and certified to tackle all your USB On-The-Go needs. The most obvious attraction here is the unadulterated ability to transfer files (music, pictures, whatever) from iPod to iPod, a not-so-straightforward process usually requires at least a computer and a semi-technical guru to run the show. iLounge asserted that the no-nonsense approach to copying files from any USB device -- be it a hard drive, DAP, digital camera, memory card reader, etc. -- to another USB device by using its intuitive on-screen guide was fairly painless. It was deemed an answer to countless requests, but as with most newcomers, it isn't without flaw. Possibly the biggest shortcoming is its inability to work natively with HFS-formatted iPods (sorry Mac users), while it's also relatively slow (6 seconds for a 4MB song), and occasionally had trouble moving entire iPod databases using default settings. You can even power the Hitch with the built-in battery, but don't expect to flip too much data without resorting to the AC adapter. While Sima Products has a potential hit on its hands, the biggest turn-off is probably its price: at $150, only the heaviest of users would likely find value here. If you want to know everything about the Hitch and then some, be sure to hit the Read link for iLounge's in-depth review.

[Via TUAW]

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