Altec Lansing intros M602 iPod speaker system

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.04.06

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Altec Lansing intros M602 iPod speaker system
In a push to potentially set the record for most sound systems designed around one particular digital media player, Altec Lansing is releasing a "high end" iPod sound system to presumably take on the likes of the iPod Hi-Fi and the Bose SoundDock. The M602, proudly sporting the Made for iPod badge, is ready and willing to accept your third-generation (or later) iPod care of the dock connecting cradle, but also includes a "universal MP3 cradle" and an aux-in port just in case you'd prefer to use something else. The unit is a bit thick at 5.4-inches, and stands 8.2-inches tall and 14 wide. Sporting two full-range drivers and two tweeters, this system pumps out 60 watts of block-rocking beats, and also includes a wireless remote with your basic volume / track controls. The M602 is a bit limited in functionality, but throws in individual bass / treble adjustments and a composite video-out that are occasionally missing from lower-priced units. Taking the ho hum iPod sound system to the ranks of, well, plain 'ole average, is the hidden LED lights behind that grille that provide a visual representation that your remote commands are being seen (just like the Hi-Fi). Unfortunately this unit cannot be powered by batteries, so your soundwaves are limited by proximity to an AC outlet, and although an absolutely free (just add shipping) wall-mount kit is available when ordered direct from Altec Lansing, we beckon: would it not have been easier to just toss that in? Just in case you haven't picked up an iPod sound system yet, and somehow see something here that stands out from the baffling array of alternatives, the M602 can be picked up now for $199.95.

[Via Playlist Mag]
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