PSP goes pink with Pink

Ryan Block
R. Block|08.21.06

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Sony was a little lax about making sure we knew they were going pink with Pink on the PSP today, too, but it does indeed look like we can chalk up another color for the portable. Apparently the singer's just doing the usual sponsored / co-branded business, releasing the P!nk Limited Edition PSP with headphones, remote, 32MB Memory Stick, but what raised a couple eyebrows over yonder is the fact that she's not signed with Sony, and what's more Sony will also offering Pink downloads on their YourPSP site. Anywho, from what we understand Sony pulled the official release, so they're apparently not yet prepped to discuss the ramifications of the PSP getting femmed out even though we now know it will run you €229 or £169 when it debuts October 27th.
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