Sony busts out version 2.0 of PSP firmware + new ceramic white PSP

white PlayStation Portable

We know that your friend who has a friend whose dad works at Sony sent you a pic of a white PSP months ago, but this is the real deal: Sony officially announced a new white PSP, as well as version 2.0 of the console's firmware, at the PlayStation Meeting 2005 in Japan earlier today. The update will be free, natch, and besides almost certainly disabling any and all homebrew hacks (you know how Sony rolls…), v2.0 of the firmware will add WPA (finally!), a legit web browser, a new mode for wirelessly swapping pics with other PSP users, and support for a new service called Portable TV for transmitting video directly to a PSP (this one might only be for Japanese users). Firmware 2.0 should be available in Japan this coming Wednesday, with the new white PSP due out September 15th.

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