Fantom Drives releases roomy new Triple Interface G-Force MegaDisks

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.23.06

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Fantom Drives releases roomy new Triple Interface G-Force MegaDisks
It's an all too common dilemma: you've thrown down some serious change for a new Mac Pro and Godot brushed metal DAP, but you've got nowhere to turn for a massive external hard disk that sports that token cheese grater look. Okay, so it's probably not "common" per se, but if it's your reality, Fantom has the solution. The G-Force MegaDisk is the latest lineup of Mac-ish looking external drives; touted as a "heat dissipating aluminum enclosure," the sleek box drive sports USB 2.0, FireWire 400, and FireWire 800. The MDC500 and MDC800 house 7,200RPM SATA II drives with 32MB cache, each with 500GB and 800GB, respectively -- the big boys, also known as the MDC1000 and MCD1500, rock 1TB and 1.5TB of SATA II storage, but "only" manage 16MB of cache. The Fantom Four can be snapped up now for $269.95, $499.95, $599.95, and $999.95, running from smallest to roomiest, and looks to be today's surefire winner in the Mac Pro sidekick contest.

[Via MacMinute]
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