Godot M9500 4GB digital audio player

While we never really heard anything about a lawsuit following the release of Godot's suspiciously familiar mini music player, it looks like the company is swiping a more generic trait this time by outfitting the M9500 in a coat of brushed metal. The palm-sized 4GB DAP sports a 1-inch hard drive beneath its flashy casing, and can playback MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, and WMA-DRM files when not tuned into an FM radio station. The relatively small 124 x 64 pixel LCD displays ID3 tags, and this unit manages to include line-in recording to convert any incoming audio signal to MP3 without the use of a computer. The rechargeable battery supposedly keeps the jams flowing for 9 hours, and with 12 minutes of anti-shock, you joggers should be just fine while on the move. Although this unit could easily be regarded as just another ho hum offering -- albeit one with a glitzy faceplate -- it does offer a few nifty extras such as voice recording and a "bookmarking" feature that allows you to easily recall where you were if you happen to be rudely interrupted (or otherwise) while listening to an audiobook. If you've somehow avoided an impulse buy on one of these middle-of-the-road DAPs, and you just can't resist that brushed metal allure, the M9500 can be picked up now for £80 ($151) in the UK.

[Via Shiny Shiny]