Having a cell phone in Afghanistan may kill you

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|08.28.06

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Having a cell phone in Afghanistan may kill you
You thought dropped calls were bad, what about dropping a person, Sopranos-style, over a phone call? Seriously, apparently the situation in southwestern Afghanistan is getting so bad that the Taliban has started a resurgence in some areas, reports the British newspaper, The Independent in an article dated August 20. Nelofer Pazira, the Canadian journalist who starred in the film "Kandahar," quotes an Afghan man named Besmillah, who says that at Taliban checkpoints, the big angry extremists are checking everyone's cell phone. He goes on to say that if these bearded thugs find a number that "looks suspicous" they will call it immediately and furthermore, if the voice on the other end answers in English, they'll kill the owner of that cell phone on the spot. So let's review: next time you're in southern Afghanistan, change all the numbers on your phone to read Mullah Omar -- or better yet, just leave your phone at home.
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