Creative Technology introduces Zen Vision:W

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|08.30.06

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Creative Technology introduces Zen Vision:W
Speaking of Singapore, Creative Technology officially introduced the Creative Zen Vision:W this morning. Of course, last we heard from this little guy was just a week ago, when Popular Mechanics called it the "best screen we've seen on a portable media player." Creative issued a formal press release earlier today, and now we've got some of those magical numbers to throw around: 4.3-inch screen, 16:9 format, can view up to 4.5 hours of video, carry 240 hours of vids, and hold up to 15,000 songs. Also, the Zen Vision:W has a Compact Flash slot (there's an optional adapter for other types of media), for direct transfer from a digital camera -- a feature that we'd love to see on other media players as well. It'll be presented at COMEX 2006 in Singapore starting tomorrow for S$649 ($412 US). Its big brother, the 60GB version, will be priced at S$749 ($475 US), but won't be available until the end of September. Also mentioned was the rumored size-bumped Zen Vision:M (S$599, or $380 US), which is now at 60GB, available for pre-order at COMEX and for sale online and in retail stores island-wide by September 2006. For those prices, let's hope that this new widescreen format really catches on, because that original Zen Vision viewing angle was really awful. Come to think of it, maybe we won't wait on that Singapore bureau, after all.

[Thanks, Kai]

P.S. - Sorry about that cruddy photo, we're waiting for nice, shiny press pics.
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