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Zigview S2 Digital Angle Finder for DSLRs

Zigview S2 Digital Angle Finder for DSLRs
Thomas Ricker
Thomas Ricker|@trixxy|September 11, 2006 9:04 AM
Zigview just made it a bit easier for you digital SLR owners to frame your shots with their new and improved Zigview S2 Digital Angle Finder. Like last year's offering, the S2 attaches to your DSLR's viewfinder to display a live video feed on that large, 2.5-inch "high-resolution" LCD. Thing is, this screen can be detaced from the main unit allowing you to view the subject and fire the shutter from any angle up to 10-meters away (via extension cable). That screen also includes a TV-out, 9 area TTL motion sensor, and interval timer for all sorts of clandestine possibilities. Available in October for £250/$466.
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