Logitech's FreePulse Bluetooth headset leaked

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.21.06

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Logitech's FreePulse Bluetooth headset leaked

The FCC's handed us yet another tasty morsel today: the new Logitech FreePulse Wireless headset, and what a headset she is. The minuscule looking device features Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR with A2DP (huzzah!) to control your iPod (via a dongle, of course) if that's how you want swing it, or other A2DP-compliant devices like that swanky LG Fusic that you've got your eye on. And according to the user's manual the FreePulse will also play nice with other MP3 players too, like that just-released Zune, for example. Unfortunately, the friendly Feds didn't tell us when these 'phones would be released, nor how much they would retail for. We do have to applaud Logitech for coming up with a name better than those other Bluetooth iPod packages that we've already seen, like the D.Muse iBlue and the horribly named iMuff.

[Via TGDaily]

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