Monster's iEZClick wireless RF remote for iPod

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.11.06

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Monster's iEZClick wireless RF remote for iPod
It started with prodigiously overpriced cabling, recently branched into network media / automation devices, and now Monster Cable is dabbling in that oh-so-profitable iPod accessory market with the iEZClick. The RF-enabled wireless remote system works essentially like Scosche's rendition, and boasts controls for your 'Pod's volume level, track / playlist skipping, hold switch, and on / off functions. A smallish receiver plugs directly into the dock connector, and the oversized black remote can beam commands "up to 30 feet away" while your reportedly coveted PMP resides safe in the confines of a knapsack, handbag, purse, or questionably fashionable jean pocket; the liaison can also be rocked on a belt, handlebars or your wrist thanks to the thoughtfully included elastic strap. While we're too scratching our heads wondering why "high-end" interconnect firms are apparently the top dogs when it comes to dishing out the most decorous iPod remotes, Monster's iEZClick can be had for a (presumably inflated) $69.95.

[Via iLounge]
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