Some more on the Wiicessories line -- cables and adapters, oh my!

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You guys all know by now how obsessed with the minutiae we are -- peep the first pics we've yet seen of the Wii accessories line. Clockwise from upper left, we have pictured the Wii power adapter (RVL-A-AD - ¥3,000), Wii Ethernet adapter (RVL-A-UE - ¥2,800), Wii 512MB SD card (RVL-A-SD1 - ¥3,800), yet-unidentified video-out cables (RVL-A-KD - ¥2,500), component video cables (RVL-A-KC - ¥2,500), S-Video cables (RVL-A-KS - ¥2,500), and classic composite video cables (RVL-A-KT - ¥1,000). Ok, carry on everybody.

[Thanks, MED]