XNA Studio Express beta 2 announced

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XNA Studio Express beta 2 announced
Following the release of the XNA Game Studio Express beta at the end of August, the XNA Team blog -- guys, put some pictures up or something, seriously -- has announced the XNA Game Studio Express beta 2. For those that don't know, XNA Game Studio Express is the free, hobbyist programming suite that makes creating your own games a snap. This suite also promises the ability to run code on an Xbox 360. The idea is to bring back the days when two people in their garage could make and sell a game. Microsoft hopes to one day put user created games on Xbox Live Arcade, for example.

The new beta promises to incorporate many features requested during the first beta. Expect new details in the coming weeks. Do we have any programmers out there? Have you put together any games with XNA? Send us a link and we'll check 'em out.

[Via Let's Kill Dave]
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