Viva Piata achievements cracked open

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Viva Piata achievements cracked open
Can you say Chippopatamus? I knew you could.Piñata Island, the wiki for all your Viva Piñata needs, has a big stick. They have taken that stick, swung it smack into the piñata that is the internet, and cracked it wide open. "What was inside?" you ask. Why, nothing other than a listing of Viva Piñata's 20 non-secret achievements. There are 50 in all, with 30 of them being secret. The achievements range from easy (name one of your piñatas) to requiring Pokémon like dedication (attract 50 piñatas) -- and all of them are worth 20 points. Supposedly, all achievements should be unlocked through normal play. Our favorite is Wealth Master, which requires the player to amass 100,000 chocolate coins, the game's currency. We don't care if they are chocolate, anyone with 100,000 chocolate coins is wealthy in our book.

[Thanks, jimmcq]
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