Microsoft to offer 14 days of Zune Pass gratis

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Microsoft to offer 14 days of Zune Pass gratis
If anyone's a little hesitant to thrown down the $14.99 a month for a Zune Pass subscription, you count on Microsoft to be doing its best to tempt you to sign up for the all-you-can-eat music service. According to Wal-Mart (not their first bit of Zune-related leakage) Microsoft is set to include a free 14-day Zune Pass trial with each Zune sold, letting you sample the vast Zune Marketplace at your leisure without dropping a cent. Of course, the good times can only last so long, and at the end of your 14 days all the songs you've downloaded will do nothing but take up space until you fork over the cash for the real deal. Wal-Mart also makes mention of which, as of yet, is nothin' but a dead end -- although it is, of course, registered to Microsoft.

[Via Zunerama]
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