XNA beta 2 released, send us games

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XNA beta 2 released, send us games

The 2nd XNA beta was officially released yesterday, bringing with it a boatload of changes that a mere blogger could not possibly comprehend. I'm fairly sure it has something to do with code, pixels, and the relative position of the sun. Basically, it's bigger and badder and includes new 360 development support. You can find the goods on Gamerscore Blog. Also worth mentioning, a closed beta for the new Torque X toolset is beginning as well. Torque X is from GarageGames, creators of several Xbox Live Arcade titles, and contains tools for streamlining the game creation process.

Wading through all this talk of assets, component architecture, and whatnot, I was lucky enough to find something I can understand: statistics -- something all bloggers crave with a passion.

"The list of universities adopting XNA Game Studio Express into their curricula has grown to more than 30 worldwide. There have been 150,000 downloads of XNA Game Studio Express Beta 1, over 30 new XNA communities launched, 100 user generated tutorials shared online and more than 60 independent games already in development or completed."

60 games in development? Wow. That dream of a user created Xbox Live Arcade may not be so far off after all. If you're reading this and you happen to be developing one of those 60 games, let us know. We'd love to check it out. Anyone else out there thinking about making a game?
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