HD DVD player flies off digital shelves [update 1]

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HD DVD player flies off digital shelves [update 1]
The Xbox 360 HD DVD player is not yet physically available, but that hasn't stopped it from selling out. Amazon.com is now sold out of its initial pre-orders of the device, available November 7th. Without jumping into the console wars -- i.e. by buying the HD DVD player you're proving that the PS3 isn't too expensive -- we'd like to pose a question. Have you ordered the HD DVD (or are you planning to)? Were you interested in HD DVD before, or is it because you already have a 360 and the player is (relatively) cheap? Personally, I'm not that interested in HD DVD, but having a player available for $199 dollars almost makes me want one. How about you?

Update: Reader, TrooperKal, has pointed out that Amazon now has the HD DVD player back in stock. Better get it quick if you want one.

"Attention Amazon.com customers: Great news Xbox 360 fans - Amazon.com has secured extra allocation of the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player and are once again taking pre-orders. Supplies remain limited though, so pre-order yours today."

[Via Xboxic]
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