More Fuzion Frenzy 2 maps, games revealed

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More Fuzion Frenzy 2 maps, games revealed

Microsoft continues to assail us with images and descriptions of the games in Fuzion Frenzy 2. You may remember from our last batch of screens that FF2's games are divided among different planets, each with its own theme. This week's shots come from the water themed planet, Moisture, and the casino themed planet, Amuseth. The game pictured above is Over the Falls, which requires players to push the appropriate button to jump to the next log, or else get swept (you guessed it) over the falls. See more images and game descriptions after the break.

Don't Sink the Boat -- pump your stationary water turret to sink your foes.

Hopping No Stopping -- use a futuristic pogo stick to jump from one sea critter to the next. Don't pull a Pitfall and jump into an open mouth.

Underwater Rumble -- Exactly what it sounds like. Beat the crap out of your opponents to win. The twist is that you can run out of air and you'll be fighting in slow motion (because you're underwater, see?)

Cash Clash -- a roulette wheel periodically gives one player a hammer. Hitting someone with the giant hammer produces a natural result: making coins fly out of the victim's body. Get the most coins to win.

Hot Shot -- Knock balls of your color off the board. Knock other players balls (tee hee!) to change them to your color.

Pinball Battle -- Run around on a giant pinball table and try not to get hit by the balls. The number of balls increases as the match goes on, making it more difficult to dodge.

Kaleidoscope Survival -- Like Tempest, players rocket around a tubular, um, tube. Gather capsules to destroy the wall in front of you. Run into the wall and you'll take damage. Last player standing wins.

Here's hoping Fuzion Frenzy 2 will outdo its predecessor. Of course, the mere fact that it has Live multiplayer gives it a pretty big head start.
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