CoolPad re-ups 728 with 728B

Updated ·1 min read

Remember that dual-mode GSM / CDMA Pocket PC out of China a few months back, the CoolPad 728? It looks like it must've done alright for itself because the manufacturer (which we think may be CEC Telecom, the folks behind our latest installment of Keepin' It Real Fake) has wasted no time in rolling out its successor, the 728B. From what little information we have, it looks like there's nothing to get terribly excited about here -- besides being a body double for the 728, the specs are largely similar though the 728B seems to add GPS navigation to the mix. If the 728B strikes your fancy (or you're an overly jealous 728 owner) get ready to dig deep: it scoots out the door for about 7,500 yuan, which works out to about $950 by our calculations.

[Via Engadget Chinese]