Hon Hai cops to iPhone contract

It looks like a certain little Taiwanese manufacturer is going to get a stern talking to pretty soon from our pal Stevie J. Just last month, Han Hai (aka Foxconn) spilled the beans in regards to a 15-inch MacBook, and while of course nothing has been confirmed by the suits at Apple, that rumor has been reiterated by this juicy new iPhone story. Apparently Hon Hai has now secured a contract with Apple to manufacture 12 million mobile handsets with music player functionality, sez the Commercial Times. The phone (which sounds like an iPhone if we ever heard of one) is purportedly set to launch in the first half of next year, giving rise to hopes that Apple will announce the handset at Macworld Expo in January. As for the MacBook,contrary to the May 2007 ship date we heard for the 15-inch MacBooks earlier, Hon Hai could be delivering these things as early as next month.

[Thanks, Dave Z.]