Apple has a 15.4-inch MacBook in the oven?

The word in Taiwan circles is that Foxconn (yeah, that Foxconn) has an order from Apple for some 15.4-inch MacBooks, which are due to ship in May 2007. Apparently all it takes to get Apple to stop their exclusive use of Asustek for MacBook orders is a few human rights violations and a couple of ensuing investigations. It seems like a 15.4-inch MacBook could put a significant dent in MacBook Pro sales, so hopefully Apple has something fancy up their sleeve to please the aluminum-lovers among us. In other news, Foxconn is also signed up for some PS3 production next February (though the article says February 2006, which seems unlikely), since it's pretty clear by now that Asustek isn't quite hacking it on that front.

[Via TG Daily]