My Voice Remote gives your fingers a break

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|11.17.06

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My Voice Remote gives your fingers a break
So if you got that One Voice Media Center Communicator when it came out last year, either you fell in love and remained parked in front of your media center all the time, or you gave up on it because you found that sitting so close to your flatscreen was killing your eyes. One Voice must have gotten a real deluge of emails from weary-eyed customers, because the company has just combined the simplicity of a time-tested television tradition, the remote control, and merged it with a microphone -- calling it the My Voice Remote. That way, instead of making your neighbors think that you've gone totally insane by barking commands at your media center, you now can order it around by talking into your remote directly from the comfort of your lounge chair. As if that wasn't weird enough, you can also use the remote as a Skype handset (seriously), which isn't quite at the same level of ridiculous-but-still-cool as Maxwell Smart's shoe phone, but we're sure that's coming next.
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