Engadget Podcast 094 - 11.17.2006

Trent Wolbe
T. Wolbe|11.18.06

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Big, big week for gadget news (as we all well know). The Zune, the PS3, and the Wii, it's been pretty crazed around the hallowed halls of Engadget HQ. We're not going to spend a lot of time talking about the news surrounding the gadgets since something tells us a lot of you are wondering what they're like, and whether you should buy one. We also briefly touch on some other noteworthy announcements, including the Lenovo X60, Nikon D40, the Core 2 Duo MacBook, and those sweet new Cingular Windows Mobile devices. It's going to be a hell of a holiday season this year.

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Hosts: Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Producer: Trent Wolbe

Music: Solvent - Instructograph (Ghostly International)


0:01:25 - Zune review
0:20:37 - PS3 unboxing!
0:35:03 - Wii hands-on, unboxing!
0:43:03 - Xbox HD DVD hands-on
0:48:03 - Xbox Live Video hands-on
0:52:54 - Hon Hai cops to iPhone contract
0:56:02 - Apple's MacBook goes Core 2 Duo, too
0:56:16 - Cingular 8525, BlackJack now for sale
1:00:46 - Nikon D40 officially announced
1:03:40 - Hands-on with Lenovo's X60 Tablet PC


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