Xbox Live Video hands-on

We snagged a few shots of Microsoft's new Xbox Live Video HDTV and HD movie download platform tonight. There isn't a whole lot to say since there was essentially zero mystery excepting seeing the actual XBL interface in person, but you should still click on to see a screen-by-screen of how you'll be wasting all those Microsoft Points this fall/winter.

Update: Microsoft called to let us know that the prices on the downloads (as photographed after the break) are actually not finalized, but are essentially placeholder values. We were told that the actual prices on these downloads would more than likely go down, so don't count on these figures being accurate at launch day.

So, let's get going with the media/video blade on the 360.

Well, well, that's new.

Got a couple selections pulled up here. Notice the expiry date on tha ATL.

So you've got your two download options there; preview will stream a live preview clip to that right box. Also notice how when you pay for HD content you get the SD version free (although in pay-per-day movies, this poses significantly less point).

Again with V. Say, wasn't yesterday Guy Fawkes day?

More options; 14-day rental, but you know the stipulations.

Let's check out some TV. CBS perhaps?


So here are our program listings on CBS, got a few brand-name titles going on here.

Drilling down into CSI: NY. Note the title and download rank twist nav.

Grab that ep.

And there's your purchase blade again.

Star Trek is being remastered in HD! It's not done yet though, so sit tight.

And, of course, one of our favoritest TV shows on the air today, Robot Chicken.

Plus preview. Sublime.