Watch the possibilities of XNA

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Watch the possibilities of XNA
We found this video on GameTrailers showing off what XNA can do. The video features games of all genres including puzzlers, shooting, and racing. Of course, there are plenty of games that are just prettier versions of games we've been playing since the Atari 2600 (keep your eye out for Combat, Asteroids, and Space War clones). Our programming knowledge is limited (read: nil), but the video shows off some of the XNA interface (probably using Garage Games' Torque X toolset), and it looks about as simple as possible. The Tank Buster game, for example, is made using only a simple drag-and-drop interface. If designing a game really is that simple, XNA has a bright future indeed. Watch the video after the break.

Have any of our readers out there dabbled in XNA yet? Send us links to your creations and we'll check 'em out.
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