Runco now shipping its THX certified, 1080p Video Xtreme projector lineup

Runco -- those folks who make the mesmerizing projectors that only A-class celebrities, former Gizmondo execs, and foreign leaders can afford -- are offering yet another bevy of luscious PJs for us to drool over. Touted as the "world's first 1080p HD video display products to achieve THX certification," the Video Xtreme lineup of DLP projectors have survived the rigorous testing necessary for any product to get that oh-so-coveted THX logo slapped on it, and now they're all ready to jazz up your home theater (and drain your wallet). Each model boasts Runco's own CineWide (with or without AutoScope) technology, which reproduces 2.35:1 films with "unparalleled accuracy," eliminating those pesky black bars without taking a hit in the quality department. They also sport the firm's DHD controller, HDMI inputs, and a variety of CinOptx zoom lenses to fit nearly any application. You can grab this highly prized goodness for just $16,995 if you shoot for the low-end VX-2000d, while the more luxurious units will run you $34,995 (VX-6000d), $44,995 (VX-22d), $79,995 (VX-44d), or $99,995 (VX-55d).