Agere's BluOnyx portable Bluetooth media streamer for your phone

So the portable media usage scenario we hear most about around these parts looks a little something like this: user has cellphone, user has portable media device, user wishes portable media device could be integrated into cellphone so user only needs to take with them one device. Enter, oddly, Agere's new oxymoronically named BluOnyx device. By way of Bluetooth, SD card, or USB, users load up their BluOnyx -- which, conceptually, could come with between 1 and 40GB of space, would be roughly 85 x 54 x 6 or 15mm, and cost between $100 and $250 -- with content, which is in turn wirelessly transferred via Bluetooth to the user's cellphone for playback, effectively reducing the devices carried from two to, um, two. Granted, we do think being able to easily broadcast video to everyone (or just your specified friends) in your vicinity via Bluetooth, or quickly backup our phone to a portable hard drive are interesting ideas, but we're not entirely sure that novelty is enough to get you to leave your media player at home. Especially not when its replacement is another device which is better suited for helping to faster run down your phone's battery while watching video on a screen undoubtedly smaller than your media player's.