A stiff and sticky D-pad mod

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Richard Mitchell
December 21st, 2006
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A stiff and sticky D-pad mod
People will go to extreme lengths just to get a decent D-pad for their 360. It's fairly common knowledge that the D-pad is the worst feature of the otherwise outstanding 360 controller. Xbox 360 Fanboy regular, SuicideNinja, has submitted a simple, non-destructive method for improving this unfortunate problem. All that is required are the tools to crack open your control and some double-sided mounting tape. The tape is applied underneath the base of the D-pad, with only the bottom adhesive exposed. This mod focuses on making the D-pad stiffer, rather than broadening its range of movement. According to SuicideNinja, the mod is strange at first, but can improve games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat significantly. Any brave souls willing to try this out and give us a report? Follow the "read" link for full instructions.
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