Esquire offers up rumbling, flashing handbag for mobiles

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We know, it's a little late for Christmas, but you can bet your bottom dollar that lucky lady of yours is already thinking long and hard about that lovely holiday in February. For the dame who already owns that iPod purse and laptop-toting satchel comes Esquire's latest rumbling handbag made to alert the carrier (and her posse) whenever a phone call comes in. Apparently, the bag sports a built-in battery pack (powered by AAA cells), a vibration function "three times as powerful" as those found within your mobile, flashy LEDs galore, and a few compartments for less important things like wallets and timeless family photos. Notably, the designer does a decent job from keeping this technologically-inclined purse from taking a dive in the fashion department, but as with most luxury bags we've seen these days, expect to pay a hefty premium for those style points whenever this thing lands.
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