Hello Kitty gets its own iPod docking station / stereo clock

We all know by now that Hello Kitty goes everywhere and gets everything she pleases, and when that sassy feline demands an iPod speaker dock that doubles as an alarm clock, well, she gets it. The KT4560 Hello Kitty Stereo Clock Radio handles more multitasking than most non-cute devices of its stature, and aside from eliciting countless grins from the pink and sparkly paint job, it also acts as an iPod docking station for dock-connecting units, channels video / pictures from video iPods onto your TV, sports the ability to wake you with tunes from your 'Pod, and there's even an aux input for those "other DAPs." As expected, the LCD-faced clock also features an AM/FM radio, alarm functions, rotatable volume control, oh-so-loveable snooze button, and an iPod-totin' cat atop the device. While we're not sure how much you'll end up laying down for this multifaceted gizmo, we can't help but give props to the practicality.

[Via Chip Chick]